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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 11, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >>alisyn: thanks for watching today. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >>shepard: moving right along. good to see you. the news begins anew on "studio b" today with thousands of protests in michigan could not stop lawmakers from passing bills that hurt union power. this could have a major impact on unions nationwide. the feds accuse a big bank of doing business with iran, cuba and libya and mexican drug cartels to the tune of billions and billions of dollars. who did they arrest?
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nobody in who are they trying to arrest? nobody. there is a fine. we will get to that. put down the cough syrup. pick up chocolate candy. researchers say chocolate could be more effective treatment in treating the common cough. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a major blow to labor unions wait for the michigan governor's signature. today, state lawmakers pass add measure that weakens labor unions while crowds of protesters rallied need and outside the statehouse. the demonstration is getting ugly. get the [blank] camera.
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>>shepard: the demonstrators are fighting the republican legislature and republican governor who says he will sign the so-called right-to-work bill into law. it would make it illegal to force workers to join a union or pay dues. protesters have gathered inside the statehouse saying the law could lead to big pay cuts. yesterday, president obama spoke out against it forcefully. 23 states, the ones in yellow, have the right-to-work laws. to pass in the state of michigan is a huge development. that is the heart of organized labor. a defeat there could signal trouble if unions across the nation. we have mike tobin from the capital in lansing. what is the status of the legislation? >>reporter: a bill regarding right-to-work for public sector employees is on the way to the governor's desk. a similar bill for private
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employees is hung up by a motion to reconsider which needs to be approved by the legislature falling on party lines. the motion will fail. it is a way of saying the bill related to private sector employees is on the way to the governor's desk but taking a longer time to get there. the democratic leadership will admit right-to-work is going to be a reality in the cradle of organized labor. >>shepard: what is the scene like? >>reporter: it is calmed down. there was a dustup earlier. there was only one other incident, a female trooper was pulled in the crowd and a fellow trooper pulled out pepper spray and ended it with one blast. what we heard from the unions is a lot of noise. they have gone to the george romney building and made the noise. that is all they can do is express discontent. they can look at legal remedies and look to the next election
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>>shepard: that is live from lansing. not one worker from europe's biggest bank, hsbc, will far us a criminal charge after they were accuses of failing to guard against terrorists, tax cheat and drug cartels but agreed to pay a record $1.9 billion fine to settle the case. that probably won't hurt this bank at all. last quarter, they reported $2.5 billion in net profit. according to the treasury, the failure to police transactions allowed hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money from mexican cartels to flow into the united states. the feds report the bank broke finance laws when they did business with iran and libya and cuba and others. under their deem with the feds, the bank will pay the record fine, change some policies, but not one bank employee will ever face criminal prosecution.
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the prosecutors say department of justice officials wanted to bring criminal charges but decided not to not because of a lack evidence but because it would put the future of the largest banks at risk. think of that. not because they didn't have the goods. they were worried about the banking system. this says clearly it seems to me, as a matter of fact, there is one set of rules for everyone. but there is another set of rules for the banks. >>guest: depends where you are incorporated. this bank is incorporated in europe a problem with the investigation. it was the united states senate over the summer that raised a lot of red flags how hsbc was doing business and who they did business with including iran, libya, cuba, and mexican drug cartels. fox reaped out to hsbc. here is what they say, from a
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spokeswoman. i would emphasize this is not about certain individuals. we are accountable for what went wrong, remedying it and learning from it. they have a new c.e.o. and new people in place. they will spend $700 million to make sure their controls are in place. does that excuse what they have done? maybe not morale but financially they say and the this country and the department of justice say they are paying their dues. >>shepard: the spokesperson said this is not about individuals but the bank did not write that memo, a person had to write that memo and at the same time the bank cannot do deals with people they know are fraudulent and criminal. only people can do that. the government said they knew they had the goods and decided not to get them not because they didn't seek criminal activity, they did; they were worried about the stability of the bank. that could not haunt for you. >>guest: it could not happen
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for many american banks and that is one of the parts of the puzzle that is crucial to remember. we are reaching out to legal experts in this country to give us clarity on why the feds did not take the case any further. you could also argue, there is a failure to enforce rules. there is criminal negligence. there is the intent to commit a crime. all of that includes legal issues. from a financial perspective you have the federal reserve and department of justice and the prosecutors in new york going after them financially and deferring criminal charges. it is a big chunk of change but $1.9 billion; that a lot to a capital like hsbc? it is not. the stock closed higher today in london. >>shepard: thank you. and now a lawyer who handles money laundering cases, a former federal prosecutor currently a
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partner at a law firm in miami. nice to see you, sir. thank you. >>guest: good afternoon. >>shepard: is there any other explanation why you would not go after individuals but to say there is a different set of rules for the big banks which must not fail than for the average individual? >>guest: unfortunately that is the emergency they are sending. if you look at what happened and the huge amount of money they are paying $1.9 billion dwarfs any other settlement. the only reason this money passed through the bank was because of the individuals who were working at branch offices. when the money was flowing from mexico through the bank they had to know that large amount of money had to be coming from illegal activity. the nations they were transacting with are on the terrorist financing list, they know they should not be doing business with those countries. it is about the people. the people at the bank want to make sure this bank stands up, it remains in place and is allowed to conduct business. how do do you that? you get a deferred prosecution
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agreement. i tell my clients, you need to have a plan in place. look what hsbc, they hired a former department of justice drury official and putting a program in place treated differently because they are a big corporate client. >>shepard: correct me if i over simplify this but if you commit add crime and they came to you for a fine, would they, for the good of your family and your children and your wife say we will not go after you criminally because we are worried how your family is doing. it seems that is what they have done. >>guest: they would not do that for the individual. if you look at an individual, or individuals who are prosecuted in drug trafficking and money laundering, antiterrorism financing, you hit them with a criminal fine and penalty and you put them in jail, you tell them they are sorry for their families, you beg with the court not to incarcerate them. what happens? you spend time in jail and you pay the fine.
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but you are fault a corporate client. you are an individual. >>shepard: the money they made for profit was $2.5 billion in the last quarter. the fine is $600 million less than that. the people who are sitting on this side of the aisle on this side of the border there, and are seeing what this corruption has done and what it has done to the nation over time we are supposed to say well, they made them pay $1.9 billion and no one is going to jail? i cannot imagine too many are happy about this. >>guest: i don't think so. the in edge for corporate america is commit your crime and as one put it, better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. that is what they are doing, seeking forgiveness after the fact. again, if this was an individual, they would be sitting in front of a federal district court judge probably incarcerated awaiting sentencing. >>shepard: but, instead, their stock is up today. thank you. >> police say there is no
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question, a murder on a crowded street in the middle of the afternoon an hour ago this time yesterday, upskate -- upscale part of manhattan was pre-planned hit job. and new there is surveillance video shot moments before the murder. >> the president of syria could be taking his finger off the trigger but the civil war there is is the most deadly ever and the rebels score add big victory. is syria's regime now falling in we will get indo that on "studio b" today. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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>>shepard: the cops released new security footage that show moments before a gunman shot another man dead during a busy afternoon in midtown manhattan yesterday. cops say it was definitely a planned hit. here is the surveillance video. the police say the shooter is on the left side of your screen.
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the victim on the right side. the gunman is about to pull the trigger. it happened near lincoln center and carnegie hall tourists are flocking to the city in time for the holidays. here is a picture of the victim, who was arrested before. sources tell the new york post that the victim worked in los angeles at bank and may have had ties to the music industry, and aspiring rapper. our fox report chief correspondent is like at the scene of the shooting 15 blocks away from here. jonathan, what have we learned? >>jonathan: all we know from cops is just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, brandon left his hotel around the corner and was walking this way along 58 the street and got to a point right here and behind him the hooded gunman approached, pulled a semi-automatic silver pistol from the pocket and shot him
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once in the head in the back of the head, all caught by this surveillance video up there to the right of the outside of this school here you see. that is where the video you are seeing in the stills come from. as he lay pleading to death on the street right here, the gunman calmly walked to the lincoln sedan parked here, got in the passenger side, a get away driver, this side, they took off, calmly, went down the street here along 58th took the right town at the light down 7th avenue and completely disappeared. cops may, given the amount of cameras, may have a license plate but they have not told us. >>shepard: 58th street, take a right open 7th avenue you are going through the crossroads of the world, 7th avenue at times square and somehow that vehicle just got lost? you cannot even move in that traffic much less get lost.
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>>jonathan: they actually say a witness for a couple of minutes, or a few seconds, they were stopped at the red light but the calm of the hit hand and the driver, they did not panic and the cops say they were very calm and indeed it appears they have been waiting for this victim. the car was parked here at least ten minutes beforehand. we have seen a video from the cops. look at this from the same surveillance video. you can see the gunman get out. he doesn't have his hood up at first. they say he appears to be bald, may have had a beard and he pulled up the hood and wonders around for several minutes before he gets back in the car and then when brandon appeared he got back out of the car and he carried out the shooting and they are looking into his background. he does have a string of offenses in the past including a charge for cocaine possession, so one thing the cops obviously
12:18 pm
are looking at whether this had anything to do with drugs and his connection to the music industry and he was an aspiring rapper. the cops may know a lot more than they are telling us and we are expecting to hear from the new york police commissioner in 15 minutes' time. >>shepard: we look forward to that. when killing, be calm, that is the not tremendous. >> the crisis in the arab world's biggest country by population is at a new and dangerous level. mass gunmen opened fire on protesters in egypt. we will go live to cairo as "studio b" rolls on. we're at walmart with the simmons family. how much is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart,
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>>shepard: egypt's political crisis reaching a critical
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point. pro democracy demonstrators are out bit thousands. some of the biggest crowds we have seen. live pictures from cairo, at 10:21. the crush of demonstrators defying attempts to scare them off. here is a if you development, masked gunmen sprayed the crowd with gunfire wounding nine people. there is the threat of arrests after the president sicked the military on his own people after making himself essentially a dictator or trying to. the growing protesters forced him to give up the powers but he is pushing for a vote on a new constitution that is controversial. opponents say it could turn egypt into an islamic state and they want the vote canceled. for every protester the president has a supporter. some want islamic state. thousands of people you see are
12:23 pm
his backers. the majority of egyptians did vote for morsi. and greg palkot is live in cairo. what is the scene? >> we are watching the protests closely. they are noisy. big. antimorsi rally is close to the presidential palace tonight but so far the two sides have not clashed but the muslim brotherhood is on orders not to bang heads there is one casualty , with refusing a loan from the imf not the best time to ask for a required hike in taxes. and it looks like the vote on the controversial draft constitution will go forward on saturday, a major group of judges, however, say they are not going to participate, they are not going to observe. they call the document an "insult." tomorrow, a national unity meeting has been called by the
12:24 pm
military and the muslim brotherhood has agreed to participate. the opposition hasn't said whether they will show up. very complicated situation. >>shepard: thank you from cairo. and now context and perspective with us a journalist and middle east expert and fox news contributor. what does it mean? >>guest: well, the morsi faction is scared because this is exactly what happened to bring down mubarak. the people firing on the masses, they are masked. we do not know if they are part of the military or morsi's muslim brotherhood party. but everything is in wildfire until the vote on saturday on the constitutional referendum and people are saying too little too late. morsi tried to backtrack with the power grab and trying to make concessions but looking to saturday, now.
12:25 pm
he is giving the military open fire to crackdown on the people. >>shepard: the question now, will the military go ahead with orders to crackdown? >>guest: very good question. what the military is doing, they backed mubarak and now they will back morsi. you scratch my back and i will scratch yours as long as the military's powers are outlined and protected by the constitution. they do not want too much of a role because they do not want to predict the outcome for saturday or going forward but it is a very dangerous recipe where you have this relationship between the military and morsi, the muslim brotherhood going forward and it could be a disaster. >>shepard: a destabilized egypt is no good for the region or the world with 80 million people and they are power brokers. >>guest: they are, that is why we give them foreign aid. that is why all eyes are on
12:26 pm
egypt. they are pivotal in keeping the petitions in the middle east. they have the largest population. that is what is causing the disruption there, the wide and varied egyptian population, and women whose rights are being ignored in the constitution, just minorities are being forgotten. people have -- and now, who is this opposition? it is a diverse patchwork of women, of reformists, of people who wanted mubarak, and people who did not want mubarak but don't want this. >>shepard: a complicated situation. we will know more by saturday. >> worse in syria. the rebels took control of a major military base that the activists say they did with the group that the united states just named a "terrorist organization." details ahead. and a judge ruled on whether to give the man who shot and killed
12:27 pm
the unarmed florida teenager, trayvon martin, more freedom. does he deserve it?
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12:31 pm
military base. activists say the network was instrumental in securing the base near aleppo. the state department accused the group killing innocent civilians and attempting to hijack the syrian civil war. activists say this conflict led to the deaths of 40,000 people. today a series of explosions reportedly hurt or killed up to 20 more people but we cannot independently confirm. jennifer, the defense secretary panetta said syria may have backed off the use of chemical weapons, is that our understanding? >>reporter: remember, the pentagon never acknowledged the intelligence report that the components for sarin gas was mixed. officials spoke on background of the intelligence suggesting there were signs it was being ready for use but they would not give specifics about which seen base they had indicated was making the alleged preparations. today the defense secretary
12:32 pm
panetta on the way to middle east, backtracked. >> at this point the intelligence has leveled off. we have not seen anything new indicating any aggressive steps to move forward in that way. but we continue to monitor it closely. >>reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton was supposed to be in morocco for friends of syria meeting to decide the way ahead and how to support the opposition and transition away from assad. now she is under the weather and will send her deputy. >>shepard: what is the thinking at pentagon? do they believe that assad has backed off on the ideas of weapons or they misunderstood the intentions in the first place? >>reporter: they feel that assad got the message. here is what panetta told reporters who were traveling with him on the way. >> i would like to believe he got the message. we made it pretty clear.
12:33 pm
others have, as well. our concern is that if they feel the regime is threatened with collapse they might resort to these weapons. >>reporter: there are signs that assad regime is collapsing, taking control of a large sprawling military base near aleppo the center of assad's power base but a key faction, the muslim brotherhood spoke out criticizing the state department for putting a group with ties, they say, to al qaeda, in iraq, on the united states terror list. the state department says it is a front group for al qaeda and the syrian opposition says it is a key rebel element helping to overthrow the assad regime. >>shepard: thank you from the pentagon. that is the numbers and now context and perspective from michael singh the managing director of the washington institute and a former senior director for middle east affairs
12:34 pm
at the national security council . the rebels got a second base a two day battle and 35 government troops are killed and they are making progress, right? we have to take some reports with a grain of salt. it is hard to know what is happening on the ground. in syria we have seen the ebb and flow. what we know, it is hard for the regime to fight more than one place at the same time but it is hard for the rebels to conduct a coordinated offensive because it is a scattering of forces. one thing that terrorist designation points do, we worry even if the rubbles succeed in terms of what type of situation we will face in syria, who will be this control. >>shepard: i was going to ask you, it feels like a preemptive strike by the west saying, go, go, go rebels, but this group,
12:35 pm
we are wanting about this. >>guest: that is right. what the administration is trying to do is say, we are not going to accept any outcome or any opposition. you have to keep the principles and one is doesn't use terrorism, don't use the types of tactics this group has used. the question is, will this be successful? in the midst of the fight we have seen backlash against this by the opposition forces who want to just see western support without this sort of qualification. >>shepard: the defense secretary and others suggest that maybe they backing off the use chemical weapons idea but if you corner a dog you wonder what it will do and if this chances upon his head, how sure can we be. >>guest: our red line has shifted. we said movement of chemical weapons and now we say "use" use of chemical weapons or any kind of weapons of mass destruction is a suicidal act by a regime like this.
12:36 pm
it will push us to enter reason and you would thing that would be it. i would not say it is off the table if the regime is desperate, i don't think we can put much beyond assad given his track record. >>shepard: 40,000 dead later, who knows? thank you. the neighborhood watch volunteer who says he shot and killed an unarmed teenager in central florida is not going anywhere. a judge denied a request to remove george zimmerman from 24 hour g.p.s. tracking. the prosecution charged george zimmerman with murder in the second degree for the shooting that killed 17-year-old trayvon martin this year. george zimmerman said he shot him in self-defense citing ""stand your ground" law." today the lawyers ask the judge to let the client live outside his current home in central florida along with losing the g.p.s. monitor. they say he deserves to travel more freely. the prosecution argues that the request was more about publicity
12:37 pm
. >> they know where he is in terms of g.p.s. and national location throughout the state of florida, isn't that beneficial to the president? >> he does not need to be on g.p.s. because he has presented had i self from day one to the court when he was supposed to and how he is supposed to. >> i have heard the motion and argument of counsel and the motion is denied. >>shepard: that was that. phil keating is live outside the courthouse at the county seat in stanford. what happens in there? phil: well, a lot of heated arguing, highly contentious between the two sides because they have a lot disdain for each other. as more and more evidence is released through discovery the attorney of 17-year-old martin believes as the days go on the leverage in this case does belong to him.
12:38 pm
the defense attorney believes that george zimmerman's defense is more winnable today than it ever has been and a jury will find george zimmerman using his gun that night justifiable self-defense. his motion also reveal that those who made up their mind at the beginning are wrong today and that he will try to prove george zimmerman was only charged with a crime through political pressure. >> it ignores the fact the young 17-year-old child at 6' 2", was able to do this to my client before he got himself shot. that is what you ought to consider. >>reporter: the defense leaning on the argument a consensus of cops did not think probable cause existed and the f.b.i. failed to find an example of george zimmerman being racist. the prosecution slammed george zimmerman from co-opting the victim role which he says
12:39 pm
rightfully belongs to more tin who was profiled, followed, shot, and killed all while doing nothing wrong. george zimmerman's brother claimed racial tension is dangerously high. >> we are afraid. i'm afraid right here. this is a secure area because it is the courthouse but we have to do things for our security all the time, special contingencies to be able to participate. phil: a key win for george zimmerman's defense team, they will get the original unedited version of the witness number eight phone interview with the attorney for the trayvon martin family that is believed to be the star witness for the state, the torch age girl who says she was on the phone with trayvon martin that night and trayvon martin told her he was fear because he was being followed. >>shepard: you have a cough, you take the nasty syrup.
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wouldn't you rather have chocolate? researchers say this is a compound in chocolate that works better than codeine. the buzz isn't the same, but it tastes good. not like the stuff in the red wine that would require a thousand bottle as day. a couple of bars. really if we will get do that.
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>>shepard: it looks like americans are fed up with the fiscal cliff fight. or just turning their backs and paying no attention. a majority now say they want lawmakers to do whatever it takes to reach a deal. a poll shows that 70 percent of people want to see a compromise to fix this mess. that is up from 62 percent last week because they are sick and tired of hearing about it. we are 21 days from the deadline when spending cuts and expiring
12:44 pm
tax break could tank the economy. president obama met with house of representatives speaker boehner over the weekend. we did not hear anything from either one of them so folks could think a deal is in the works. and now, speaker boehner is pointing the finger at the democrats and harry reid says it will be hard to get anything done before christmas. we will get our shopping done and hold you accountable later. and now, mike, speaker boehner said the meet was friendly but not productive. >>reporter: you get a sense that president obama and speaker boehner get along fine but today boehner hammered the president essentially making the point that if he got the tax increases he wants, we would still face trillion dollar deficits. here is more from speaker boehner on cutting spending. >> the president doesn't agree with our approach, he has an obligation to put forward a plan
12:45 pm
that can pass both chambers of the congress. right now the american people have to be scratching their heads and wondering when the president will get serious. >>reporter: you hear frustration from the speaker of the house and we hear frustration from owe lawmakers. the negotiations are between just the president and the speaker and folks are walking around capitol hill not sure what is going on in the private talks. >>shepard: no one seems sure of anything in that entire city but democrats are not optimistic, either. >>reporter: the calendar, we have checked, and done some reporting on our own, when a deal needs to be struck and in the next 48 hours we have to get something done when you consider the process, also, the christmas holiday, and here is more from the majority leader, harry reid. >> we can do things very quickly. this is not something we can do
12:46 pm
easy as far as bill drafting. until we hear from the republicans there is nothing to draft. we can get things done quickly. it will be extremely difficult to get it done before christmas but it could be done. >>reporter: other democrats are saying we will talk about negotiating the other stuff when republicans agree to increase taxes. republican johnson, a senator from wisconsin, said it is not the end of the world if we go over the fiscal cliff so stop me if you heard this before. >>shepard: and how about "text when done." for breath holding. >> another great reason to have chocolate, as if you needed another. researchers say a chemical in the beans is more effective giving cough relief than codeine in cough syrup. an ingredient in raw chocolate helps give 60 percent of patients cough relief. the doctors say it is not a cure but a bar or two of dark chock
12:47 pm
hat each day could bring relief. now, doctor, from rainbow, babies and children hospital in cleveland. doctor, good to see you. this is best news ever. >>guest: it is, but there is probably an explanation. what they are looking at is the active ingredient in dark chocolate in the bean. it is in the same pharmacy group as caffeine so many people who cough have a cough variation of asthma. everyone who has asthma does not wheeze so there is a good likelihood they are actually getting a medication law the dark chocolate. milk chocolate, you would need a lot more, so that is what is going on. >>shepard: there is more cocoa and less sugar and that is making my throat feel better.
12:48 pm
>>guest: right. it is the constituent in the bean. >>shepard: it gives you much less of a weird feeling that codeine. >>guest: and codeine gives you constipation. >>shepard: chocolate has the opposite affect. >>guest: we didn't get on that topic. >>shepard: the last thing if you are a parent is give your kid codeine. that is a last ditch effort. wouldn't chocolate be better. >>guest: codeine is not recommended in children. period. it is a cough suppressant. it will not cure it. it will stop you from coughing. when a child has a cough you want did know where. do they have pneumonia or type of asthma? if they are small, do they have a foreign body they have swallowed? you don't just stop the cough. you want to know why the child is coughing. >>shepard: if i am coughing on set it is worth it to try,
12:49 pm
rather than a halls, to pop dark chocolate in my mouth? >>guest: when you stop eating the chocolate the cough comes back. >>shepard: all the more reason to eat the chocolate. >>guest: i think it is good for you, anyway. look at me! shove shove you are my favorite doctor, a done deal. doctor, thank you. >> rainbow babies and children hospital. love it. >> an important report from the state of our coast guard fleet of ships and cutters used in drug busts and lifesaving mythses. some of the vessels are aging badly. that is ahead. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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>>shepard: a medical helicopter crash killed three people in northern illinois. the federal aviation administration reports the crash last night occurred traveling from near the wisconsin border to a hospital 60 miles south of there. the hospital officials say the helicopter was on the way to pick up a patient. the crew hit severe weather and attempted to head back and crashed. >> some of the coast guard's most important ships need serious upgrades because the vessels are in poor condition and declining. the military relies on the fleet for missions including captured suspected drug traffickers and search and recuse prayings and breaking through arctic ice. in bad shape and declining, like, well, fdr drive and every other road i am on. now, live to los angeles county,
12:54 pm
california. adam? >>reporter: every road in california is that way, as well, a multibillion dollar replacement program, the coast guard had if place to replace theships and is behind schedule. there are 11 missions from working in the middle east to breaking ice to running after the boats which california is seeing more significantly in the last three years that are used in the caribbean and pacific going up 300 miles north of the border running drugs and people into california. the coast guard is tasked with stopping that but the fleet is ageing and that is the problem. >>shepard: sounds like we lost the audio on that. we will get back to him. >> today the air force launched a secret mission but the huge thing was hard to hide. look at this. they are calling it a mini shuttle. what do we know about it? experts say the military might be up to something here. hang on.
12:55 pm
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>>shepard: it is hard to keep a secret that can be heard from miles away but that is not stopping the military from trying. the air force launch add top secret unmanned spacecraft. like a space drone. about the fourth the size of the shuttle and it orbiting earth once before in 2010. officials are not talking but it is likely testing out new equipment for spying but we don't know. it is about $1 billion. there is a theory they could be pulling a fast one. i have no idea, personally. a judge today halted construction on part of the controversial keystone pipeline that crews are working to expand the line. supporters say this could create new jobs. in east texas, a land owner says the company behind keystone
12:59 pm
pipeline lied when they said it would carry crude from canada to the gulf coast but will carry tar sand, oil mixed with naturally occurring organic materials and a company spokesman said tar sands are a form of crude oil but environmentalists say the substance is more likely to contaminate northbound by water and land, the judge put construction on hold and set up a hearing set for later this month. >> before we wrap it up in "studio b" a woman in london has found the cat burglar who has been stealing keys from her neighbor's homes. the cat burglar is her cat. she says she installed a magnetically controlled cat door in her house so her cat could get in but no one else could. the gadget use as magnet on the collar of the animal and the magnet is strong enough to pick up keys along with nails


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